Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Batch #1.5 – Belize Criollo/Trinatario – Milk Chocolate with one big Oops

Since my first batch of chocolate – The Belize Criollo/Trinatario 55% Dark Chocolate- turned out a little too hard, I decided to do some experimenting on it and turn it into milk chocolate!   Everyone loves milk chocolate. Right?

I melted some of the bars from Batch #1, and added additional stuff to turn it into soft, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate.  Knowing the percentage of cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, and sugar already in the original batch I calculated what I needed to add to convert the 55% Dark Chocolate into 40% Milk Chocolate.

And since this batch was not totally from bean, I called it Batch #1.5.

Below is a photo just as I added the powdered milk to the melted chocolate.  Do you see my big OOPS?  Imagine a big, flashing red arrow pointing to the bag of powdered milk.

When I decided to make the milk chocolate I just willy-nilly picked up a container of powdered milk from the grocery store. The Carnation was the only kind they had so that is what I used.

Stupid, Stupid me. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

So Batch #1.5 - Belize Criollo/Trinatario – 45% Milk Chocolate was started on December 14, 2016 at 3:57 pm.  I added the melted chocolate, melted cocoa butter, sugar, powdered milk, and vanilla bean seeds scraped from a vanilla pod.  Time is 3:58 pm, and the melanger has only been churning for about 1 minute.  Look at all those lumps....

Dec 14, 3:57 pm; start
Dec 14, 3:58 pm; run time 1 minute

After just 6 minutes it gets much smoother, and very pale in color.  Time now is 4:03 pm.

Dec 14, 4:03 pm; 6 minutes run time 

But then something strange happened after about 10 minutes into the spinning - the chocolate started to fluff in volume.  The chocolate kept sticking to the center column of the melanger, and I kept pushing in down.  What is happening????

Dec 14, 4:11 pm; run time 14 minutes

It took almost two hours, but the fluffiness finally subsided, and the chocolate really started to flow.  Time is 5:44 pm.  At this point the temperature of the mixture was running about 108-114 degrees.

Dec 14, 5:44 pm; run time 1 hour 47 minutes

So at 8:32pm I decided that the mouth-feel of the chocolate was good.  I didn't feel any more grittiness from the added sugar and milk solids.  Total running times as 4 hours 30 minutes.  I figured I didn't have to run it as long as the first batch, because I was starting with bars that had already been refined and conched for 20+ hours.

Dec 14, 8:32 pm; 4 hours, 35 minutes run time.

Next I tempered with the Cocoa Butter Silk, molded, and waited 24 hours to unmold.  My mini squares looked good, they were shiny, and had a great snap when I bit into them.  BUT sadly they weren't as creamy as I was expecting from milk chocolate, and they were still very hard.

What did I do wrong?  I went back to the Chocolate Alchemy web site to see what kind of milk solids they used.  I only had to look at their products to realize what I had done wrong!!!  Stupid me,  I used NON-FAT powdered milk instead of Whole Milk powder.  Damn!!

So I ordered some Whole Milk and some Full Cream Powder from my close friend Amazon, and I'm just waiting for it to arrive.

Stay tuned for Batch #1.75...

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